Wing Creator Version 2.0

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Oct 102013

Hey all! I “finished” working on Wing Creator Version 2.0. It can be downloaded at this link- click me!

It is still in it’s alpha stage and working out the bugs. I fixed the problems with the old rig and added new features to it, as well as cleaner, easier to maintain code. There are quite a few bugs that I ran into while creating the new video for it, so I’m currently running this rig and generation program through it’s paces to find all the bugs and breaks in it. Once I get it to a solid, less buggy state, I’ll upload it to Creative Crash and the program uploads page. I’ve been doing overtime at my day job and have only had a few hours to work on this per day (and admittedly some of those hours were not so lucid given some insomnia combined with how exhausting stained glass making can be) so please bear with the bugs and my slowness at times. I’m doing my best! (I just wish I had a little more sleep sometimes!)

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  1. Falconsong hello lady, my name is paul and I’m from Brazil, I would like to congratulate for his study with Heather “Falconsong” Howard.
    was trying to test their system (2.0), but could not succeed. My version of maya is 2014, even tested this version?
    Once again congratulate you for something so cool that you did.



    • Hello Paul! I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the rig program. I’ve only tried the rig program in Maya 2010 and 2012, not 2014 yet. Could you send me an email and tell me exactly what the program is doing? Maybe I can help figure out the problem and get it working for you. My email is falconsong [at] falconsongstudios (dot) com. Best regards, Heather