May 272014

EDIT: Please disregard the portion about the locators in this post, this has been changed and is now outdated.

I’ve been working a bit on updating Wing Creator (I know, I’m slow to the point of stupidity because I tend to stop working on this project for six months at a time) and I’m almost ready to release this version entirely. I’d like to try a couple more things to see if I can break the program to make sure I worked out all the bugs in the new features before releasing it and replacing Version 01 entirely.

Here’s the current file: Wing Creator version 2.0.1

A note about this new version: IT HAS DIFFERENT WINGS! You can generate a hawk wing or a falcon wing. The different wing options are under the second tab. You can make different types at any time; so if you want to make the left side hawk and the right side falcon, go for it. You can also scale the feathers after they’ve been generated if you don’t like the look of the default wings- the program will still be able to generate a rig with any changes on the feathers you do. However, with the different shape wings, I had to add another step to this process for generating the rig.

You HAVE to place the red and blue locators before you can generate the rig. These locators tell Wing Creator where the controls are supposed to be placed, because with the wing changing shape (hawk, falcon, user edited, or whatever) this means that I needed a dynamic way of sizing the controls to fit the different wings. These locators do that. The locators are named appropriately and they need to be placed at the TIPS of the feathers- so “R_Tip” goes at the distal tip of the right wing, “R_Middle” goes at the tips of the feathers in between where the primaries and secondaries meet, and “R_Inside” goes at the very inside of the wing (close to the body), at the tip of the last secondary. If you want longer controls, move these locators out further from the feathertips.

Pictures as example:

Here’s an example of what I mean for different shapes. The falcon wing is quite different in shape, and on the left side, I’ve scaled the feathers on the inside up, so it’s not uniform. I place the locators appropriately and the program can place the rig around the wing correctly.

Have fun and please email me know any comments, suggestions and especially bugs you run into at falconsong [at]