Jul 032012

More work on the gryphon girl. Worked on the head shape and refining that honker (beak) of hers. Still need to work on the span lines, there’s still wonkyness around the cere, jaw, and eyebrow ridge and she needs an ear. And of course.. well eyelids and the inside of the beak. But hey, got it much more fleshed out. Got tired of working on the head so I switched to fleshing out a leg. It’s only the basic shape, partly stolen from an old model of a Eclectus Parrot. It needs a lot of work done still but it’s a start. For example- the Eclectus foot is Zygodactyl (two front toes two back), but the gryphon I created has a cross between a Anisodactyl (three front toes one back) and Pamprodactyl foot (two toes front, two back, however the back ones can swivel to the front)*. As seen in the Reference sheet she has a back toe that can swivel around to the front, much like a human thumb but with more flexibility. This allows for grasping and some manipulation (thumb backward) and running (thumb forward, plantigrade style).

I really wish I had more time than just a few hours a night after work to work on this. I want to keep working, not go to bed when I finally start making some nice progress… Sleep now I suppose…

*For the curious Manual of Ornithology, page 72. I love this book!