Jul 092012

Finished cleaning up all the span lines on the gryph girl. I’m thrilled with her so far. I wanted to see what she looks like with that tail so I threw on some quick mockup feathers. That tail is going to be.. interesting… to rig an animate. Still working on how I’m going to do that. I really want those butt feathers in there because A) Without them, her butt would drag in air, she needs feathers on the tail for lift on those hidquarters and B) It’s cool looking. [Isn’t that the reason for most of the weird designs out there? ‘Cause, “Duuude, it’s cool lookin’!”]

Anyhow, she needs eyelids, toungue and mouth bag (yay for lack of teeth though, haha), hindclaws (easy), and wing bases and base feathers. Getting down to the small final stuff! Should be done with modeling in the next day or two. I would like to take her into Z brush for some displacement mapping for the finer details on her, especially around her beak and mouth and the scales on her front legs. I’m excited!!