Hawk Progress – 12/2/12

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Dec 022012

I’ve been remiss in posting this! In addition to the gryphon, I’ve been working on a hawk. I needed something to instead of the sausage-err I mean temporary bird body for my wing rig so I went whole hog and decided to finish it by making a full bird rig to compliment the wing rig. This also allows me to play around with a simpler rig (hawk) before making it more complex for the gryphon.

I updated my reel with the break apart rough of my hawk model in order to get sausa- temporary bird body out of it and make it look nicer. I’ll update it again when the hawk rig is done to have animation on the bird and to show off my hawk!

I finished the model for the bird.

I also have been trying out different ways to generate feathers on this hawk and I finally found one I think will work well. It’s using a really snazzy script from creative crash called Dodo Master. This is the first -really- rough test done on the break apart rig to see how it generates feathers and how to groom them. The only problem I’ve had so far is that it requires a NURBS model to work, and my Hawk is a Poly model. It’s going to be interesting to convert it to NURBS for this. I think I will create another mesh underneath the base mesh that is only in the areas with feathers (so no legs, beak, etc.) and use that for the feathers layer.

I’ll post more images later of the breakapart rig.

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