Hawk Progress – 12/3/12

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Dec 042012

Been working on the hawk rig and I got it together. This is the first pass of the base rig. All the main controls to see how they work, what needs adjusting, and what needs to be added. There’s a lot of finessing I need to do on it (like making the controls less cluttered, adding a switch control for the head so it can lock to the body or to the world since birds have that stationary head thing going on*, adding a tail and eye rig, adding feathers, blendshapes, etc., etc.)
For a first pass I’m rather pleased.


*For kicks: Chicken Head tracking steady cam! Ok… I’ll get some sleep now and stop goofing around. I think the doc took more than bits of tooth out with that root canal earlier; I seem to be missing a bits of my sanity.

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