Heyla! I am Heather “Falconsong” Howard, a graduate of Texas A&M with a Masters of Science in Visualization and Bachelors in Environmental Design. I am a technical artist currently working freelance for a game developer making a game for the Playstation 4! In this role I do visualization optimization, rigging of characters (skinning faces and bodies), rigging props, occlusion, model optimization and collision. I’m interested in creature and character rigging and strive to become a Character TD/Rigger or a CG Generalist with a strong emphasis in rigging. I love creatures, both real and fantastic and anatomy is one of my passions, which gives me good insight when it comes to rigging.

I do any form of art I can get my hands on; from traditional mediums such as colored pencil and marker to digital mediums such as animation and digital coloring. I love to make stained glass and have been making both leaded glass and Tiffany style glass for over 8 years now. I have made everything from church windows (when working at Foster Stained Glass studio for many years) to small sun catchers. I also make jewelry out of scavenged bones, hide and feathers.

Contact me at:HHoward@FalconsongStudios.com