Hello all! I finished my thesis work and have graduated as of December 2011! I now have a Masters of Science in Visualization degree! Cheers!

My thesis work is progressing slowly but surely; I am working on it between working two jobs and a couple of projects. The progress of one of those jobs and the projects, such as my gryphon project, can be seen in my blog here. The thesis paper and some relevant information for artists can now be found here on my thesis page. Keep an eye on the blog for updates: I’m currently working on the next version of the program, which should have some bug fixes, cleaner controls, and new wing shapes!

Feedback is always welcome! Contact me at

Avians in Film
Bird Anatomy
Progress and Updates*
References and Inspiration
Download the program and paper

*Note:Old blog updates can be found on the old blog page. Current updates will be posted in my main blog from now on.