Stained Glass Price Guide


Stained Glass Price Guide

Welcome to my price guide for non-commercial stained glass commissions! You may contact me at with any questions.

For all other media commissions (digital, CG, jewelry, etc.), please refer to my General Commissions [In Progress] price guide. All prices are in US dollars.

Stained glass prices are dependent on complexity of design and materials. A piece with less complex design and all machine made glass will naturally be less costly than a design with high complexity (lots of pieces) hand rolled glass and etching, for example. Below is a list of prices as well as approximation of hours and the materials they were made for as a base guide to give a good idea of price. My estimate will be different for each commission. Please have a look at this guide, then email me with visual references and an idea of what you might want for a more accurate estimate. Shipping and handling are not included in the below base prices.

Please read my Terms of Service before contacting me.

In the event I go overestimate materials or time, the extra time I spend on a commission is absolutely free of charge. If I go under the estimated time or materials, you will be refunded the difference. As the artist, it is my responsibility to uphold my estimate. Some commissions may be broadcast on my Livestream channel for the clients benefit. Some parts of the commission may not be broadcast (such as etching glass), due to the fact that these parts are done at my alternate place of work and I cannot film there. My livestream can be found at Falconsong Studios Livestream.

Commission Samples


4 hours, hand rolled glass + Geode slice


5 hours, machine rolled glass


7 hours, machine rolled glass

My Little Pony Pinky Pie$210.00

8 hours, machine rolled glass and enamel painting

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle$240

10 hours, machine rolled and hand rolled glass, enamel painting

My Little Pony Luna$350.00

14 hours, Hand rolled and flashed glass with etching and enamel painting

*This Price Guide has been lifted in part from Eskiworks. It is used with permission and with a load of gratitude! She is a wonderful artist and I highly recommend her work which can be found at: Eskiworks Art.