Jul 102012

More progress. Added eyelids, eyes, and hindclaws. She still needs the wing bases and I will use my wing creator program to generate her wings. She also needs tailfeathers and butt feathers. The current feathers are just basic stand-in geometry.

Once the modeling is done I’m going to work on rigging this lady and do displacement mapping and bump mapping in zbrush. I wanted to learn how to do maya hair and also feathers and dynamics on the feathers. Her head, neck and chest will be all feathers, which is why it is not very detailed on the model. I’m excited! I can’t wait, I’ve been itching to learn these things for a while now.

Jul 092012

Finished cleaning up all the span lines on the gryph girl. I’m thrilled with her so far. I wanted to see what she looks like with that tail so I threw on some quick mockup feathers. That tail is going to be.. interesting… to rig an animate. Still working on how I’m going to do that. I really want those butt feathers in there because A) Without them, her butt would drag in air, she needs feathers on the tail for lift on those hidquarters and B) It’s cool looking. [Isn’t that the reason for most of the weird designs out there? ‘Cause, “Duuude, it’s cool lookin’!”]

Anyhow, she needs eyelids, toungue and mouth bag (yay for lack of teeth though, haha), hindclaws (easy), and wing bases and base feathers. Getting down to the small final stuff! Should be done with modeling in the next day or two. I would like to take her into Z brush for some displacement mapping for the finer details on her, especially around her beak and mouth and the scales on her front legs. I’m excited!!

Jul 062012

Finished work for the night. I really wish I just had a good half day to sit and work on this. Oh well. Got the back leg roughed out tonight. Now just need to sort out the spanlines on the legs and body and attach the tail. Woohoo! She actually looks like a gryphon now and not a floating torso. Heh.

Jul 052012

Finished progress for the night. Finished the head. Still needs eyelids and eyeballs and the inside of the mouth, but the rest of the head is complete. I like the way she looks. ^^ Finished the feet too. They need to be resized (they’re boats right now!) but otherwise they’re good. Next is the arms, shoulders, chest, hindlegs and tail. Those should be easier than the face. Ignore the seam down the middle, I’m modeling one side and mirroring it, hence the seam. Seam will disappear at the end.

Pardon me, I shall do a happy dance! I’m really pleased with her face, I can’t wait till she has eyes. Then fall on my face and sleep.

Jul 032012

More work on the gryphon girl. Worked on the head shape and refining that honker (beak) of hers. Still need to work on the span lines, there’s still wonkyness around the cere, jaw, and eyebrow ridge and she needs an ear. And of course.. well eyelids and the inside of the beak. But hey, got it much more fleshed out. Got tired of working on the head so I switched to fleshing out a leg. It’s only the basic shape, partly stolen from an old model of a Eclectus Parrot. It needs a lot of work done still but it’s a start. For example- the Eclectus foot is Zygodactyl (two front toes two back), but the gryphon I created has a cross between a Anisodactyl (three front toes one back) and Pamprodactyl foot (two toes front, two back, however the back ones can swivel to the front)*. As seen in the Reference sheet she has a back toe that can swivel around to the front, much like a human thumb but with more flexibility. This allows for grasping and some manipulation (thumb backward) and running (thumb forward, plantigrade style).

I really wish I had more time than just a few hours a night after work to work on this. I want to keep working, not go to bed when I finally start making some nice progress… Sleep now I suppose…

*For the curious Manual of Ornithology, page 72. I love this book!

Jul 032012

Started Work on the Gryphon this weekend. Got basic body shape down as well as started work on the head.

Still working on updating the website as well. All that’s left now is to make a decent banner and favicon. Finally! Taught myself CSS and edited the whole WordPress theme to make it what I wanted. I’m pleased with the result so far. Sleep now!