Aug 092012

Been wroking on Wing Creator program some and trying to get it into good enough shape to upload to Creative Crash! I moved the thesis web page from ~/Thesis to this page, under the tab Thesis. That move should unify the page better and make it easier to find things now!

Also, new artwork has been posted. I mentioned before that I was working a second, freelance job. I’ve been working on stained glass sculptures with local artist Larry Schuekler. We finished the first sculpture sometime back and I finally got pictures. Almost set to finish the second one and start work on the third! Here’s the lovely lady!

Bronze and Stained Glass Sculpture <br>
Collaboration between sculptor Larry Schuekler and Heather Falconsong Howard. <br>

I’m incredibly proud and so is Larry. More images to come. These don’t show off the glass or detail of the sculpture well enough.

Jul 182012

It’s DONE! I finally got the CSS to behave the way I want it to (mosly- Chrome is still being iffy at me). Finally my page is completely updated. *Happy dance!!!*

Next up- Completely updating my thesis page.

Jul 032012

Started Work on the Gryphon this weekend. Got basic body shape down as well as started work on the head.

Still working on updating the website as well. All that’s left now is to make a decent banner and favicon. Finally! Taught myself CSS and edited the whole WordPress theme to make it what I wanted. I’m pleased with the result so far. Sleep now!


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Jun 302012

Please pardon the dust, I’m almost finished! I’ve been working on cleaning up my page and the theme, so it should look much nicer now. It still needs a title bar that is more visually appealing instead of a boring text link.

Other updates:
-A recent family emergency has made it slow going for posts on new work, please bear with the slow updates. My family is weathering the crisis slowly but surely now. Please wish us luck and good health!
-I’ve been working for the past couple months with local sculpture artist Larry Schueckler on a bronze cast metal sculpture plus stained glass series. We’ve finished the first and are near completion on the second sculpture in the series. I’ll post pictures of it as soon as I can get the photos from Larry!
– Slowly updating my Thesis page with information and working on getting the prototype up for others to download.
-Starting work on the Gryphon rig- The reference sheet for my gryphon persona can be found here. Modeling work is currently in progress and will be posted to this blog as it progresses.
– Working on an art trade with artist Sharon/Xenothere. She has a project on dog genetics and I will be doing the web/flash element to it and she will be drawing up a detailed character sheet for Lucifer. From that character sheet I will model and rig the character. Another artist has tentatively agreed to the project and will be animating Lucifer. More to come on this as it progresses.