Useful Rigging Post

 Posted by at 9:05 pm
Nov 022013

While working on my rigs, I found numerous useful tools and I just wanted to share these excellent tools/posts/books:

Art of Rigging 1,2 and 3 from CG Toolkit – Haven’t read 3 yet and halfway through 2, these books are excellent and a must> Their website seems to be iffy right now, but if you can get them, these are worth every cent.

How to setup Wacom Tablet for use Painting Weights in Maya– It was late so I was tired and being a doofus and couldn’t figure it out, this post was handy!
Create compound curve icons in maya– Helps when you have numerous curves for a control, and want to be able to select all at once.

Comet Scripts – A bunch of scripts by Michael Comet that are very handy. I found the attibute re-ordering script very useful on my hawk project
Unlock Override Color
Script for Mirroring and Copyring skin weights– The default maya mirror weights is… “imperfect” to say the least (as in it blew up random verts on half my hawk). This script does what the dafault mirror doesn’t and more. Works excellently!