WIP- Iguanadon re-sculpt

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Sep 082014

So, one of my current side projects is a re-sculpt of one of my old old sculptures from about 15 years ago. I really liked it then and am still fond of it but it’s taken a beating. The original was sculpted out of oil based clay (never dries) and had a lot of layers of paint and clear nail laquer put on it to make it “solid”. It needed to be re-done.

Old sculpture:

His tail and thumb are broken off and the photo is rather blown out (I don’t have a camera, only my phone.) Anyhow you get the picture. He was pretty good for when I made him and I was very proud of him. Still am. But I wanted to see how much my work has changed, so re-sculpt time!

I ran across Smellybugs maquette tutorial several years ago and it helped me make my naga sculpture, and I’m still finding it useful today. Link for any who want it, it’s very good (starts on page 15, middle way down- the photos on the first pages got removed and re-posted over time):

The base wire frame, made with aluminum wire and quick set clay epoxy:

Forgot to take a picture of when I was bulking it out, but here’s the step after when I was working on the form:

Gave his spine a bit more curve for interest. The previous sculpture was mostly straight.

Still got skinny legs and arms and some rather weak musculature. Hmm. Here we go:

Working some more on the muscles, bulking them out, raising his back since there’s some high bones in that spine, switched the type of clay in the head and feet out from Sculpey to a more firm Fimo details clay so I can do some details work without the clay going mushy.

Getting in muscles for that chest:

I’ll post more pictures as I go along.

Next, the feet and head! I’ve been looking forward to this part!